Our Healthy Future is pleased to announce that we will be acting as an official partner for the Children’s Activity Association (CAA) Children’s Activities Week (30th of April – 4th May 2018), an event celebrating the hundreds of thousands of activities, clubs and classes benefiting millions of parents and children every day across the UK.

The CAA is a not for profit organisation which aims to raise the standard of extra-curricular activities provided for children across the UK. As a community interest company, the CAA channel all their profits back into the improvement of children’s activities, as well as providing a reliable and unbiased quality assurance service.  They aim to provide consistent accreditation across a broad range of activities, to give parents confidence in their children’s chosen extra-curriculars and to allow schools to be sure of the quality of the activities they provide.

Our Healthy Future believes that early engagement of children with a range of activities, both sporting and non-sporting, is critical for the healthy development of a child and give them the best chances to be healthy adults. Dr Jing Ouyang, director of Our Healthy Future, states that “the children’s activity week will be the perfect way of showcasing the hard work co-ordinated by children’s activity providers and the beneficial impact in can have on a child’s physical and mental health. We’re extremely proud to be partnering with the Children’s Activity Association in making this week a success”.

In our future partnership with the CAA, Our Healthy Future is also currently looking to expand on the existing CAAs robust accreditation process by providing CAA accredited services an opportunity to identify the clinical impact of their service on the health of the children using them.

Read more about the Children’s Activities Week: http://www.childrensactivitiesweek.org