EdStart is a school support company that offers full coverage of the primary physical education curriculum, a wide range of afterschool sports clubs as well as an innovative new health and fitness programme specifically targeted to suit young people.

They recently launched a successful fitness app that provides school staff with training and resources that improve the effectiveness of PE delivery. It also allows PE teachers to measure pupils’ fitness levels and monitors long term progress.

EdStart approached Our Healthy Future to develop a curriculum and learning resources for nutrition.

What OHF Did

Our Healthy Future assembled a team of clinicians, medical students and dieticians to create the necessary resources and map it to primary and secondary school curriculums. The team spent time to create resources that delivered the content in an age-relevant and engaging manner.


The content was successfully integrated into the EdStart Fitness App and is now being used by xx number of schools across the North West and increasing every month!

Quote from Chris Irwen: