Curiscope is an award-winning virtual reality and augmented reality technology start-up. Their first product was the Virtuali-Tee, which was launched on Kickstarter to great fanfare!

The team approached Our Healthy Future to create the clinical content to enhance the educational experience of using the Virtuali-tee.

What OHF Did

OHF assembled a team of clinicians to deep dive the Virtual-Tee product and design educational content that would work in synergy with the innovative augmented reality technology.

We created the content to be relevant to the Virtual-Tee, engaging for young users and mapped to the curriculum of create the clinical content and map to the curricula of primary and secondary schools.

Our Healthy Future also represented Curiscope at the All About STEM Health Skills Conference and supported their product launch event at John Lewis.


The Virtuali-Tee had a successful launch and sales have been impressive.

The Our Healthy Future team continue to act as the clinical representatives for Curiscope and develop new educational modules, due for release in 2018.

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