Our Healthy Future are extremely excited to announce a new partnership with ‘TakeTen,’ a mental health app based on the principles of mindfulness currently being used by over 250 schools across the UK.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, mental health issues affect around 1 in 10 children in the UK. With more than 1.7 million people accessing the mental health services provided by the NHS per year, innovative solutions to help people manage their own mental health are of growing importance. Innovative digital solutions such as the TakeTen app are an important part of managing the growing burden of mental health issues on the NHS.

TakeTen (www.letstaketen.com) is an award-winning app, recently featured at Pitch@Palace, founded by Fintan Connelly to help reduce stress in children by empowering them to control their own stress levels. Including gamified meditation modules, the TakeTen app translates biometric heart rate data captured through an ear sensor as a reflection of the current emotional state/stress of the individual; an app using the iphone camera to capture the heart rate is currently in development. As individuals progress through the modules, they develop greater emotional resilience for everyday situations which results in greater day-to-day performance improvement for everyday tasks. The benefit of the TakeTen app was demonstrated in a study conducted by the Institute of Childcare Research at Queens University, Belfast. The study showed that children using the TakeTen app had a significant increase in social skills and a significant decrease in behavioral difficulties compared to children who were not using the app. Although use of the app is currently predominantly school based, it has great potential for stress reduction in adults and teenagers.

Our Healthy Future will guide TakeTen in business planning, fundraising and clinical product development in order to expand the footprint of TakeTen. The partnership also aims to develop and adapt the product for use beyond schools in healthcare organisations, using the medical expertise of our founders and organisation as a whole, in order to capitalise on its potential to help teens and adults with stress reduction in both clinical settings and for everyday use.

The benefits of non-medicated stress reduction are already widely appreciated, Our Healthy Future founder Dr Muhammed Khan, is also a keen advocate of the TakeTen app and believes that it has the potential to help reduce the burden that mental health can have stating ‘stress, anxiety and mental health as a whole is a significant problem for both individuals and populations and the TakeTen app provides a novel innovative tool to empower and educate on how to control their stress and anxiety levels, thereby helping individuals develop emotional resilience’.

We look forward to working with TakeTen on this exciting new project!